My Brain vs My Brain.

It has become clear over my 34 years of living that I am not everyone’s cup of tea. I am more of an acquired taste. Not even so much for the ‘refined’ pallet, but more for the undefined. I have often wondered how I would respond to another ‘me’. Assuming we met at a friends house, or in some sort of mutual gathering.

The answer, I think, is that I probably feel the same way about me as I am inclined to feel about opinionated, bordering on narcissistic, abrasive and arrogant people. I don’t like them much at all. Not unless there is an endearing eccentricity that makes up for the rest of the unpleasantness.

There is a reason I work from home and not from the office. The main one being that I find it really hard not to over-explain to people why they are retarded. What is my ‘efficient’ logic and militant way of doing thing doesn’t always go down well with the people on the receiving end of my criticism.

The weird part for me is that I AM actually making an effort to be approachable and tolerant. But I’m not very good at hiding body language. Possibly why Poker never quite worked out for me.

I quite like my brain. But I don’t think that if I met another me, that it would be a peaches and cream type of conversation. We may discuss the kill-kits that we have designed, in an effort to gain ideas, but there would be no fluff.

Oh, and having the last word. That would be something to witness.

Random, I know, but… it is something I think about.


6 thoughts on “My Brain vs My Brain.

      1. Say what you mean and mean what you say. That includes what you do and how you do it. That encompasses what matters. Irrelevant of what is right or wrong, and even less important is if we are are on the same page. If words match actions and that is predictable and consistent then what falls into place is mutual direction and trust, that even when the shit hits the fan, we are on the same team. Maybe not the same page. But the same unconquerable team. Satisfactory answer, Doctor?


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