I Wish..

I wish that mornings lasted as long as we wanted to stay in bed.

I wish the sky lowered at night so that we could touch it.

I wish that my dogs could speak. Not my cat though. He would demand food at 4am.

I wish that everyone was the same height. Armpits aren’t cool when hugging.

I wish London was next door.

I wish all nurses, enjoyed being nurses.

I wish there was such a thing as mental bleach.

I wish I was allowed to help bad people into oncoming traffic.

I wish that less people spent so much time trying to be perfect. Flaws are so beautiful.

I wish I had a pet Polar Bear.

I wish I was invisible.

I wish I was visible.

I wish.

I wish the man I love laughter.

I wish my mind had breaks.

I wish those who hurt any living thing out of intended cruelty or neglect would burst into flames. And die.

I wish there were more independent thinkers.

I wish I could speak French, and Japanese

I wish there was no such thing as greed. There would be no war. No need.

I wish there was no such thing as Country music.

I wish we could take photos with our eyes.

I wish that Christmas was about soup kitchens and giving, rather than tinsel and presents.

I wish I could get stuck in an elevator with Bukowski, Poe and Eminem and Freud.

But most of all I wish that the world wasn’t so sick. The world, and the vast majority of the people inside its belly.

I wish.


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