Love is Just a Word

Ask me what Love is, and I will tell you:

Love is just a word. An overused, meaningless word. Unless,

It is held together, with the glue that is actions. Demonstration.

Trust, that your name is safe. Your character is safe.

Your deepest shared words are kept and not shared.

Love is wanting someone else to be happier than you are.

Love is wanting the person you share your world with to know that

they are the stars that light up the heavens.

Love is laughter than comes spontaneously and without effort.

Love is that look, that tells you that you are all that matters.

Love is affection, even in moments when it is not needed.

Love is knowing, with all surety that the one you call ‘home’

Misses you when you are gone. Love is knowing that when there is broken

glass to be stepped on, your hand will be held while you do.

Love, is noticing the small things and recognising them as big things.

Love is the ache that is in your chest when the thought of losing it flickers through your mind.

Love, is the roots that bury themselves into the ground so that when the wind blows,

You may sway, but you will not fall. Nor will you bend.

Love. Is kind.

Love is forgiving.

Love is allowing someone their autonomy, above your own needs.

Love is to breathe the same hope that your love does.

Love is like rain, that makes everything look so beautiful,

Even when it really isn’t.

Love is painful. Love is compromise. Love is sharing what you may not want to share.

Love is letting go of the small things before they become big things.

Love is lightening that lights up the sky in celebration.

Its thunder that vibrates through your chest because you know it is right.

Love is also… the silence that says a million words.

Love is a weapon, but it is also a bandage.

Depending on who you ask, or when you ask.

Love is hard.

But when you try, to open your chest and let someone else in,

It is worth it. Then love is not just a word.

It’s a way of being.

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