For What It’s Worth.

The most sacred thing one human being can do for another – is to recognise them – on all levels. To embrace the cracks and flaws and I am and will be eternally grateful for the voice that wrote these words. One day when we are both stars looking down at the world, we can smile – with a peace filled knowing that we were both in the right place at the right time. I love you. But you know this… and I am so glad.

Americana Injustica

When the Bear Trainer rips open an article in describing the nickname she’s been given by “someone whom [she] loves and trusts”, please understand firstly and fore mostly – that these words do not come easily for her; she likes to keep a well-drawn line in between herself and others…she feels safest that way. The Bear Trainer sees herself as “Grotesque”…a mangled and patched together version of what might have been, had she not been physically tortured, and in turn – changed on a genetic level by a man (thing) whose cruelty and sadism matched The Ripper’s in nature and severity. I see something so much more than what might have been when I look at her, when I connect with her…when I listen to her.
Upon knowing the Bear Trainer, my beliefs have been deepened; my fears validated and soothed by a voice of reason; my hand has been…

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