7 thoughts on “to answer a mockingbird

  1. If I were alone at the top of a hill and had elbow room to shout, I would shout profanities at the imagined supernatural presence that the fscked part of my brain says is out to get me.

    Actually, I don’t need a hill – I do that regularly when I’m alone. Sad but true 😦


    1. I don’t think that is sad at all. I think its healthier than keeping it all inside. Fucked or not – its a part of how you release.

      I generally shout AT people…. strangers. Thats a bit crazier, right?


  2. You’re right about it being better than bottling it up – that’s how people go postal. Before I started my new pills, I nearly lost my job several times because I took out my frustrations on my colleagues – shouting, swearing, and even waiting outside the factory gate for one individual. My boss has saved my butt more times than I care to count.

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