Truth vs Watered Down

I have started another blog which I have linked to this one. I am not all that savvy with the back end of wordpress so I don’t know if I am already following people with the new blog or who is following me.

I started it because I am tired of watering down the things I say so that those family members and friends who follow my feeds on Facebook and on Twitter don’t get offended. It is alarming how easy that is to do…

So I will still post on Mocking Bird Down – but the harder and less censored stuff will be on

… none of which is linked to any social media. No pleasantries or frills and bells and bull shit needed.

So.. if you like, follow me there. I warn you though – I am genuinely fucking tired of being so diplomatic about shit. So… only follow if you can stomach it.


7 thoughts on “Truth vs Watered Down

  1. I’m definitely going to follow your other blog and look forward to reading it. But why are you creating a new blog just for the less-filtered truth?

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