Bottling up…Fighting PTSD

I have Complex PTSD… several incidents of Trauma… but I am not a quiet introverted sufferer of my pains. I am sensitive… but I am angry and often irrationally so. Loud, and offensive to many – but the end result is the same as holding it all in. No one REALLY understands…


One of the most common (and annoying) parts of having PTSD is that you keep things inside yourself. Feelings, thoughts, emotions… It’s like you are wearing a mask and nice thick armor.

Logical? Yes. It’s a survival strategy and it works very well.

Good? Until a certain point. It helps you survive. After that, it becomes poison.

The reasons

There are a couple of different reasons why someone with PTSD keeps things inside themselves. They can exist simultaneously.



After you have been exposed to a trauma, your mind can protect itself by going ‘numb’. You felt so much, was hurt so bad, that you start to feel ‘nothing’. It’s a way to continue living without losing your mind completely. You need to protect yourself from your pain.


Protecting others

You don’t want to hurt your loved ones because you are hurting. So, you put on a ‘happy face’ and…

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