The “Unsecret” Diologue Chronicles – Part 6


Follow on from :

S stands with her hands up in the air stretching, waiting for J to get her skinny ass inside. J stops next to S and yawns. S grins and looks at J’s bloodied shirt and the crimson red smears on her chin and collar bones.

S:   You know, that’s kinda hot, right?
J:   Blood?
S:   Yeah. Don’t make like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You are the one who suggested we make out..   you have to be a twisted as me to even think about snogging after a night of dismemberment?

J looked away, smiling, but still unsure how to respond. S just grinned and tapped J on the ass.

S:   Yeah. To answer your earlier question. We should wrap this up.  I reckon we head up to that old truckers farm…  he is deaf int’ he? He has pigs. We can feed this shit to them pigs. What you think?

J:   I heard you, you know…
S:   What you on about?
J:   Your comment about me being a molasses-motioned pothead…
S:   So..? You breaking up with me now? *Grin*
J:   Bitch.
S:   You know it. But we still gonna mash mouths before you get all washed up.
J:   You think?
S:   Yes. Yes, I believe I do. Now… when you done being shy can we load the car? Please?  We have a 20 minute drive, and hitting traffic would not be ideal.

J watched S head back into the house, and through the screen door could see her gather what she could.

S:    You just going to stand there looking ravishing in red? Or you gonna help me?
J:     No. I think I will just stay here. ..  you know, watch for passers by.
S:    And what? Wave as they drive past??? GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!!

Grinning, J headed in. Admittedly feeling like she had bitten off more than she could chew.

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