45. Your. Bottom. Lip. Tastes like:
Cough mixture. 56. Sounds like
A triangle.
Your pout is. 19. Like your chin.
The scar on your arm is lemon scented
Wood cleaner. Your anger, citronella.
And bold 11.
Your laugh is lemongrass, and your
Anxiety is metallic. No. 09. Blue. Burnt blue, like the last shade before the moon, no. 33 takes over the sky.
The floor under the dining room table. No. 2, is my version of olive green. No 75. Sadness sounds like rain hitting corrugated roofing, and smells like mud.
Lithium is not a number or a colour.
No smell. No taste.
But it keeps me, No. 75.1 out of
The dark, no. 44. Lead.


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