Funny How it Works.


So, because James and are busy moving, our house is in total chaos. One of the ladies that works for me got seriously over excited about how she packed up things and then sealed all the boxes with out labels. So things like toilet paper, sugar, the remote control…  all in  random boxes with other random things.

This past week has been a total nightmare. There has been severe load shedding of power so in a work day we will sit with out power for up to 12 hours at a time. Cant cook, cant watch TV, cant work…   so we play manopoly by candle light and then pray that we will be able to sleep with out the fan in the heat.

Organising an internet line in this country is like trying to light a candle with a tampon. I have spent HOURS on the phone, and every time I speak to someone it says its been done on the system. So I had a melt down on Friday and suddenly the supervisor will deal with me. He still has not called me.

Finding my tooth brush and the shampoo was also a challenge, so we have pretty much unsealed and unpacked half of what was packed.

On top of that I am not well. I have a temperature and by body in general is not happy, and I some how managed to give James food poisoning, and not myself. He spent the better part of the evening making weird involuntary gurgle noises in the bathroom….      while I contemplated taking him to a hospital.

We had breakfast at one of the cheapest trashiest places you can eat in this country, and we were fine. I cook lamb livers to perfection, and poor James loses what sounded like all his internal organs.

The reason I say ‘Funny How it Works’ is that James have me my valentines day gift two days early. He was excited so I did the same. So we have decided that that will be our Valentines Day –  and it is just as well, because between me sweating like a pig trying to get the house clean and packed and the washing done – and James being so excited about the livers only to end up being intimate with the toilet bowl…   well, it would have ruined what would have supposed to have been a romantic day.

It has just occurred to me that eating livers is a South African thing? If it is I apologise for turning anyone’s stomachs. We eat chicken livers, lamb and ox livers here, and its very nice if you do it right. But half the population also eats chicken feet,  lamb or cow tongue and tripe… oh and lambs heads. Mopane worms, etc.

So tomorrow will be spent obsessively cleaning new place. I am horribly OCD that way. And Monday will be the grand move – and hopefully the installation of my internet line.
And electricity…   that would be nice too.

2 more sleeps and then the neighbors wont have to watch us both walk around naked as I took all the curtains down to wash and I didn’t want to hang them back up…   so we run from bathroom to bedroom..   but I am pretty sure that just adds to the general entertainment.

I hope you all had a good day. Valentines or not. I suspect you didn’t.

3 thoughts on “Funny How it Works.

  1. organising internet in the country it is a nightmare, tell me about it. Now you will suffer too. I spend two minutes staring at the computer waiting for the damn thing to load another page. So what people do in 1 hour it takes me double or triple time. Now there´s someone out there too that will feel my suffering…..I actually feel better, I´m not alone

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