Vacancy, Death Needs a Vacation.

346245-bigthumbnailThe handle on the sickle would have
to be made shorter. I am 4ft11.
and a half.

But I would, sure.

Hi. Today you will die.
Heaven? No, that’s floor 11.
You are on 6. The floor for pricks.
Just the clammy suffocating hands of
all the other filthy idiots who arrived before you,
You like small spaces?
Find hiding places.

You don’t want to die?
Look man, I won’t lie,
The manual says I must do this fast
but if it were up to me, I would make it last…
So you really should stop crying,
Because either way you’re dying.
And you are out of luck…
because I don’t give a fuck.

You have things left to do?
Wow. Too bad, me too.

Yeah. I would. For sure,
Be the substitute for Death.

And, black looks good on anyone.

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