My Armour is my Soul

When I lived in London, I came across Phillip Pullman’s Dark Works Trilogy. Although the movie doesn’t do the books justice at all, I was still glued to the words that came from the bear in this scene. The name given to me by J, ‘The Bear Trainer’ has all weirdly fallen into place in my mind…   and I understood why these words resonated with me, back when I had my face buried in this incredible and profoundly subtly symbolic piece of fiction.

For those of you that have not seen it, it is about a girl named Lyra. She is a fearless and brazen kid – and in her world, all humans have an animal that is effectively their soul that follows them wherever they go. If the shape shifting soul dies, so does the human.

The bear, fierce and loyal says his armour is his soul, just like her ‘demon’ is hers. I may have watched this clip about fifteen times, realising why it meant so much to me. I am the bear, and my armour is my soul. It was made of more than just scraps. It was forged in fire and tears.

My demon, my soul, one and the same – if severed from me will kill me. I am the bear, and I am the girl. I am the bear that made a mistake and lost sight of his self worth, and the girl who shamelessly taunts him into getting it back – and they become equally indebted and linked.
This may only resonate with me. But I should I would share anyway.

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