Kindred Words

Down came the Angel of death with the
life´s against humanity;
bringing down barbarity
being the illuminati ….
For you people, do right or die with might.
Gather yourselves and your small alike,
The kindest faces will usher you in,
in the spirit of gathering the demons and kin,
They want a cleansing, and they want to spill blood,
Their own cleaner version of their biblical flood.
Death will bring you life they chant, with well meant hands,
believing they are washing the world clean of the damned.
One sick soul at a time,
No rest for the wicked,
No falling out of line.
But the well meant hands and the
poison filled words, will only open the gates of hell,
where those who sin the quickest writhe and swell.
They will come and they will pass by the mirrors,
and the candles, and the ancient languages of the

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