Tagged. Chess with the Dead.

Kindred Words


...because there is no escaping
the inevitable undertaking –
and so, the wise do not internalize regret;
while many still search for ways around a meeting,
set at birth in exchange for the years in between;
I will arrive five minutes early to mine –
better to die on your feet than on your knees.

For it is not death I am afraid of. I know him too well.
he has overstayed his welcome on occasion.
I am not afraid of how I die. Just that it will be at a time when
the dominoes have fallen, and I am powerless to stop it – simply
because that is the nature of cause and effect and
pain and regret.
Fear and anticipation, of the impending suffocation
that will be my last vision.
And I want silence, or Bach Suite 1. at least.
No reminiscing over what could have been,

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