The Unsecret Dialogue Chronicles: Grand Theft Auto. Part One


S killed her smoke with the toe of her shoe on the sidewalk, and took a deep breath in. J was asleep, in the passenger side, her head against the half open window. She looked peaceful, and S stared at her for some time before poking her in the arm.

S:  Wake up. Only you would fall asleep in a car being driven by someone who can barely see over the steering wheel.

J mumbled something and shrugged, determined to stay asleep. S poked her again. And again. And again, and finally flicked her nose sharply.

J:  What the fuck?? I am awake!!

S:  Now you are. You coming or not?

J:  Where to? I though we were going home.

S:  You see that beauty over there?

S points enthusiastically as an old mini cooper on the opposite side of the street. The round front and all the original features.

J:  S….   that is not a beauty.

S:  I want it J. You drive this baby home, and I will go introduce myself to that one.

J:  S! Do you even know how…     *growl*   …   of course you do. Never mind. I don’t get it…   its a fucking Mini, and not even a new one.

S:  Think of it as a priceless antique…   with potential.

J:  Potential to land you in shit.

S:  J. Its on my bucket list…   so you going to drive behind me or what??

J:  Let it be said that I dont like this. But yet…  I will drive behind you. But for the love of all that is sane – would you PLEASE not drive like a crazy person, because I KNOW you…   we will both have matching handcuffs by the end of the night if you lose your shit.

S smiled at J, and hopped across the street.

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