The Unsecret Dialogue Chronicles: Grand Theft Auto: Part Three


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S looks in the rear view mirror and looks at J, trying to gauge how pissed off she would be if another projectile cigarette butt hit her window. Deciding that she would get over it, S lit another smoke and glanced again at the mirror. J was shaking her head and gesticulating all manner of cuss type movements at S. This made S smile. J, however was unimpressed. S changed lanes, with out signaling and slowed down so that J and her were driving parallel. J started yelling out of her window.

J:  REALLY S??   I just fucking told you to lay of the cigarettes…

S grinned, and wound her window up, while moving her head in time to the window long enough to shout: What Babe? I cant hear you…  ?

J laughed, but S knew she was still going to get an ear full when they arrived at Red’s. Three cigarettes, 20 minutes and some illegal ramping of sidewalks later, the frazzled J and the pleased S arrived at Red the Undead’s shop. J climbed out of her car, and stood in the open door. S waited for the lecture, but it never came. J closed the car door and walked over to the Mini.

J:  You are full of shit.

S:  I know.

J:  What’s with the pavement hopping?

S:  Bucket list. I told you.

J:  Is there anything else on your bucket list I should know about for my own safety?

S grinned :  Safety? Thats all arguable and relative babe. I mean… sex in a speeding car… is probably the most unsafe.

J shook her head.: Please tell me that neither parties having sex will be driving too…

S:  You want me to lie to you??

Just as J was about to try and articulate what she was thinking, Red’s shop door squealed open on its over sized hinges. He looked like he has just woken up, and was not about to give the two misfits a warm welcome. S was aware that he was staring past her at the tiny car that she had just jacked…

S:  Beautiful… right, Red? SO COOL. Look at the dashboard, and the rims, and the dials.. and the —

S trailed off realising her joy was not being shared. Red looked at S and J and walked around the car, scanning  every detail. He looked at the tags for a long time, and looked more and more disgruntled. His denim overalls accentuated his now displeased eyes.

J:  S…    what the fuck??

Red looked at the girls:  You S, have just stolen the prized possession of Dicky Hatfield.

S:  Who the hell is Dicky Hatfield? And who in gods name, names their child Dicky??

J smacked S on the back of the head. Obviously she knew who Dicky was.

S: Someone tell me who the fuck Dicky is??

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