Fail, my Interpretation of Courage

Kindred Words

noun 1.thequalityofmindorspiritthatenables
and with
bravery. 2. Obsolete.theheartasthesource
Idioms 3.havethecourageofone’sconvictions,toactin
accordancewithone’sbeliefs,especiallyinspiteofcriticism.Emily Dickinson wrote:-

If your Nerve, deny you—

If your Nerve, deny you—
Go above your Nerve—
He can lean against the Grave,
If he fear to swerve—

That’s a steady posture—
Never any bend
Held of those Brass arms—
Best Giant made—

If your Soul seesaw—
Lift the Flesh door—
The Poltroon wants Oxygen—
Nothing more –
Adrienne Rich Wrote: —

Living in the earth-deposits of our history
Today a backhoe divulged out of a crumbling flank of earth
one bottle amber perfect a hundred-year-old
cure for fever or melancholy a tonic
for living on this earth…

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