I Can Smile Fuckers

strip pIf one more silly fucken woman asks me why I am always so sad, I am going to hunt them down and pop their fake boobs with a fork, and then grin, making my point. I am not sad…

Let’s be clear:

  1. My facial muscles work just fine as demonstrated above. I can smile, I can pout, I can frown. And all of it – I can do while pointing my stupid iPhone at myself. I am not sad.
  2. The fact that I write a LOT about blood and about death is probably because stupid people exist and I am deeply disappointed that killing stupid people is illegal. I would do it for sport. Especially those who dish out advice because they are their third month of studying psychology. Take your Yung and your Freud and shove it where where you wont let your boyfriend go.
  3. You know how some people are built to be positive thinking, happy quote spouting soccer mom’s who can find the good in everyone and meander through life able to hold conversations about rosemary and thyme and about the thread count in the latest designer Egyptian sheets they bought from a store because ‘oh my god.. it was on special..’. I am NOT one of those people. My brain works in numbers and colours and more often than not even listening to you – I am more focused on how it baffles me that you remain completely unaware of how I DON’T CARE.
  4. Shit happens. It’s sad. I know this from over 20 years of first hand experience. People get hurt. People hurt other people. People get addicted. People suffer because someone they love is addicted. People die. People leave. People cheat, abandon, reject. Most human beings are ass holes. Truth.  I am a self absorbed bitch from hell sometimes. Shit happened to me – and now I ‘happen’ to other people. It is the way it works.
    Too many people insist on sitting on top of their shit pile and crying about it than actually doing anything to get off of it. Yes, yes, I know we are all at different stages in our journeys, I just think some people should buy a bloody set of fins, a snorkel and goggles…   and get on with it. How will you ever know if you don’t try? Inviting other people up there to pat you on the back and expect them to sympathize with the epic pile of bullshit that is your throne is just silly.

    Yes. I am opinionated.

    Ugh. I’m not sad. If anything I am a varying degree of disgruntled and depending on who you are I am nice about it or im not. That is really all there is to it,

4 thoughts on “I Can Smile Fuckers

  1. I smiled in a photo taken at work which was put up on the bulletin board. My colleagues were beside themselves when they saw it, because I “never smile”. Fuck em – they don’t know me.

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