Bucket List

As I am not the healthiest bird in the tree, and having listened to various people speak about what they want to do before they step off this planet… it got me thinking about my own bucket list. Some of it I have achieved, and there is still some I have yet to accomplish.


  1. Build a tree house, from scratch. Weather I have children or not.
  2. Visit Tokyo. Quebec, Berlin. Chicago, NYC, France, Greece, Amsterdam, Dubai, Edinburgh, Wales, California (J is there)
  3. Live in London and work as a florist and as a nurse.
  4. See the Northern Lights
  5. Rescue Pit Bulls and bait dogs. Close down the breeders. Torture the people that did that to them.
  6. Make a snow man army, with a gay YMCA division.
  7. Learn how to make sushi.

I have done the drugs, and the crazy things…  which added to the colour in my life so I wont include those. I have traveled a lot and had some good and crazy times.

That’s not much of a bucket list, but it is what it is 🙂

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