MIA for 5 Days

So…  on the 9th I will be taking out my contact lenses for 5 days before seeing a specialist to see if I qualify for eye surgery. I am – 11 in both eyes, and because of the shape of my eyes, I can only have contacts that work to a certain degree.

This is how I see with them in: stock-footage-out-of-focus-lights-of-a-street-at-nightThis is how I see with out them in:

blurry-vision imagesSo, naturally the five days being completely dependent on anyone is freaking me out. I will not be able to use my laptop, run my own bath, etc…  see who’s messaging or calling me on my phone.. etc. So… I will be gone for a few days. But its all good…   at least I will know what my options are.

I may pop in tomorrow but that will be the last till the 15th.

On the 9th I also get the results of the biopsies taken – so for those that have sent me well wishes, I am grateful. Thank you for the kindness and support.

Much appreciated.

12 thoughts on “MIA for 5 Days

  1. Good luck! I’d hate to only be able to see to a certain degree with contacts. Though I prefer glasses, contacts always seem clearer to me.

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      1. My prescription (I’m like -8 point something, and -9.75) glasses are so thick they have to get like specially done so they aren’t as thick. They’d be so uncomfortable otherwise.

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      2. Yeah… they did make me a pair, and they were very thick and that was even after they apparently thinned them down. But when I wore them I couldn’t see a thing and I got instant migraine type headaches, so I tossed them. They weren’t something I was just going to be able to get used to… so yeah. No glasses. But at least you prefer your glasses. My one eye is shaped like a rugby ball, so there is only so much they can do with contacts.

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      3. You should investigate. I cant even imagine what it would be like to see clearly. I have been this ‘blind’ since I was a small girl… so I don’t even know … what it would be like.

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      4. I should but I’m afraid to make that commitment as my eyesight gets worse by the year. But I bet it will be remarkable.

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  2. There’s an option available whereby the doctor installs a permanent corrective lens into your eye, just in front of your biological lens. Unfortunately, it costs an arm and a leg and your firstborn. I tried for it, but Discovery won’t pay because it’s considered “cosmetic surgery”.

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