Dear Diary, 21 April 2015

Things you learned today:

  1. Climbing up the side of an 18 wheeler truck looks easier in the movies than in real life. But it did stop the fucktard inside the truck from pushing his horn in long bursts. Long enough for me to rain down my opinions on his overall intelligence and how honking like a man with some sort of extremity turrets was NOT going to solve his problem.
  2. Telling a big burly man who looked like the Ultimate Heavy Weight version of Bob Marley to grow a set of testicles while he is in the middle of a pool game with his friends is not a good idea.
  3. Telling my boss that I would quite happily go on a killing spree, and forgetting to smile afterwards…  is not cool. For him anyway…
  4. Lighting your smoke the wrong way around three times in a row means you need a nap. Not another smoke.

Only four today… thank heavens.

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