Random Thoughts No. 1

James and I are busy watching a series called The 100. Personally I think it is a bit cheesy but I am a sucker for big barbaric cavemen looking tribes to kill first and talk later. So..   It got me thinking.

So basically these people come down to earth after being stuck up in space for over 100 years. Or something like that. Then they drop 100 kids down, to test if it’s livable. (Human, right?). So these kids are all criminals so to speak. They were in prison on the ship so naturally when they hit earth the budding leaders pop up, as do the afraid, and the psychopaths who are chameleon like.

So… I find myself perched on the end of the couch thinking about who I would be in this situation. So I make the comment to James : Do you remember the first episode of ‘Big Brother’? I wonder how I would do on a show like that?
‘You would be the first to be booted’ was his response.

Naturally, I disagree. I think my complete lack of charm and temper would keep be in there for at least a few weeks. Entertainment value.

And if I was dropped on earth among 100 kids I assure you I would be one of the ones holding a gun and breaking noses. Mohawk wielding bad ass.

Also… the movie Divergent. The fractions that have. Farmers. Warriors. Scientists and…   I forget what the other one was. No ways in hell I would be a farmer. Not unless underneath my Amish gear was a sword and  a knuckle duster..?

What makes us followers and team players? Verses Fighters or leaders who don’t mind being in the front lines whatever may happen.

I’m not slating ‘followers’. God knows we need them. I couldn’t do half the shit that is required of people that play nice with others – and the world turns because of people who work well with each other.

Random I know….   but its what I am thinking.

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