Death’s Video Footage


Let us for argument sake say,
that you would die today.
Let us for argument sake say,
That a video of your life would play.
A blow by blow account of all that has taken place.
What would be the expression on your newly dead face?
Would you weep and beg to go back?
Would you lower your head in same for the lack
of humanity shown to those you harmed,
or smile as you remember the extended arm
you showed another, who had less than you.
A moment of compassion pure and true?
Would you weep and feel a drowning sorrow?
Would you wish that there was time to borrow,
to rewind it all and do it again. But to what gain?
To relive every moment of sorrow and of pain;
because we have all had some of it burn us raw,
but to mend the regrets on then, would you go back for more?
Would you want to see your funeral, and hear what is said?
Of the person who now lays here prettied up and dead?
Or would you resign yourself to knowing,
that your soul’s gaping wounds are showing,
and that the time you did have was spent as best you knew how,
and push the stop button on the remote control and say ‘what now?’

Personally, I would just ask for a bloody refund.

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