Just a Thought

vikings-03If wishing on stars made any sense,
and there was any truth to it.
I would wish with all my twisted words
to have been born in an era,
like Viking times,
where all that was required of me was
to have a rocking hair do,
have sex daily, and the bonus:-
If you don’t like someone you just set them on fire,
or pull their lungs out and drape them
over their shoulders.
After cracking their rib cage open.
Pagan shedding of blood, to
wind down the day.

10 thoughts on “Just a Thought

  1. Brilliant! Also reminded me that I had my DNA analysed recently for reasons nobody but me is interested in – but the fact was that Viking DNA was found, which apparently is incredibly rare – this made me absurdly happy 😀

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      1. Haha yeah, you can have your DNA analysed like really thoroughly (you have to pay for this service obviously) but they tell you all kinds of stuff that make your head spin. The Viking thing for me was crazy! Like, I kept imagining my ancestors with those awesome helmets and I was thinking that’s probably where my hot-headedness and my love of spontaneous drinking comes from 😉

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  2. I’m a future boy. I want to have my consciousness uploaded into a machine, so that I’ll be able to live forever 😆

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