My boy. I love this cat. He saved my life after I saved his…

I took him in because my blue eyed brother begged me to – not because I even liked warm blooded things. I had a Boa Constrictor who I was rather attached to, who thanks to Marley having staring contests with it through the tank glass – bit me – in the face one day. I assume, because I now smelled like cat / food. He was over 5ft long so lucky for me, his tooth went right through the side of my nose, and he dropped to the floor. There was however enough blood for me to feel it necessary to check in the mirror if I still even had a nose…

Yes. It was painful.

I named Marley before he was mine. Fate would have it that we were meant to be friends. He was shipped from pillar to post, and escaped a cat sanctuary, and walked a 26km journey (over a 8 lane highway) back to my brother. Took him two weeks and he was skin and bone…  but his last stop was my house.

That night I went for a walk in the rain, to ease the manic mind – and he tucked his ears down, and lowered his head, but came with me, and wherever I have moved, there has been no need to keep him in. He does off to get his bearings and then comes back.

So… as much as it annoys me that he glares at me over my laptop screen, willing me to get up and indulge his comfort eating needs, and as much as drives me mental that he paws my face at 3am because.. well, he wants food…   I do love him.

I put down two magnificent dogs for this cat. His journey has not been an easy one, so for as long as he lives, I will make the rest of it a happy one.

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