Behind The Mask – Backwards in Motive.

I like to think that blogging is a safer place to be real and be you. I know some people manage this on Facebook and Twitter – and although I work in social media for a living – I do detest so much of the superficial stuff – the prettified, edited things that detract from what is real and should be kept real.

Poetry is real. Covering topics of value and substance is vital. We all intertwine in a way that we learn from and that us awesome.

So, on a lighter note (but still a real one) a friend of me (in his attempts to inspire me to talk about myself in a way I dont usually) gave me a wierd ass list of questions to answer. So I have… and I encourage any of you who are ither bored or also just want to chnage gears in your head fro a moment from poetry and seriousness…  to something that is designed to be real and fun at the same time, then so the same. And let me know you have – because I would be delighted to read others takes on these questions.

Get To Know Me, in a Backwards Kind of Way.

  1. If you could stand for 12 and a half minutes in any spot in the world, where would it be. NO one can see you or hear you, and you can not engage in any way.
    A: On the train tracks of a train coming towards me. I assume it would go through me – and that must feel amazing 🙂
  2. What is the cruelest thing you have done to another human being?
    A: Physically. Removed knee caps. Emotionally: Convinced a Paranoid Schizophrenic that if she came to my house again, demons would come from the ground and swallow her. She had been a 15 year pain, and I ran out of compassion.
  3. Do you think with your heart or your brain?
    A: I am right brained. But I have temporal love epilepsy – which is a brain thing that effects my emotions. So both.. I guess.
  4. If an alien gave birth in your lounge, and you were unsure of it’s sex – what you name the baby?
    A: The baby would have no name until my lounge was cleaned up of whatever fluids come out of aliens. Once that OCD freak out had passed, I would probably call it Chewy.
  5. What is your favourite quote, and why?
    A: Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
  6. If you had a choice to be anyone else for a day (no limit to era and circumstances – fiction or non fiction) – who would it be and why?
    A: Robert Mugabe. But I wouldn’t need 24 hours. Just long enough to put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger.
  7. If you had to pick four words to describe your MOTIVES, what would they be?
    A: Learning. Control. Calculation. Release.
  8. If you were to guess other people’s four words, what do you think they would be?
    A: Control. Power. Dogma. Craziness?
  9. If you could choose the date and the way you die – and be bound to that – would you?
    A: Yes. Fall asleep on the couch, and just no wake up. When? Anytime, really.
  10. You three favourite words?
    A: Poxy Fucking Bollocks.

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