You Thought…


You thought you
would break me,
amend me,
and be needed
by me.
You thought I would beg.
Mumble up offerings
of adoration
with shaking hands.

I thought I would
die, on your floor.
I could not breathe in
I thought you would
show mercy, or some
semblance of
Or at least remorse.

Neither of us
got what we wanted,
did we?


10 thoughts on “You Thought…

  1. Wow. There’s something to be said for not giving what some people want. And in some situations there’s nothing at all narcissistic in insisting on me first.

    Sometimes I think poetry is the best therapy. Maybe I’m biased because I just posted a piece describing being held to the floor, unable to breath. But I think there is something healing and helping in turning the worst into words and giving them away.

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