Green Cling Film

I like to think that a little jealousy is as healthy as allowing another their autonomy, when it is appropriately placed. I however, find it hard not to stomach when it drips with irrational insecurity. I watched someone today, bore holes into the side of his partners head when she so much as looked in the direction of another. The man she was speaking to, is a friendly, jovial fellow and is harmless. I enjoy him because he has a sharp sense of humour and can give as good as he gets. But, to the insecure man, I suppose he is intimidating.

I liken it to having cling film wrapped around your face – the fear of talking interacting with another in case you get interrogated and questioned about your motives. I have experienced that before and ended relationships just for that…  so maybe I feel too strongly. I don’t know.

Either way. I don’t like it – and it bugs me.

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