I Hate.


I hate people.

I really fucken hate them.

If there is money to be made, it will be made.

Even if it means children, women, poverty stricken families are bled that little bit extra. It will happen. Even if it means wiping out entire habitats and destroying animals.

Force feeding animals. Not feeding them. …   hideous. Veal please? Better yet – baby animal confined to a box and unable to move at all just so I can have a tender peice of meat in my mouth, please?

Fighting them. Baiting them. Betting 100 bucks on the dog with the face that is’nt infected. He must be a better fighter, right? The other one looks scared. Cant have that.

Selling children. Selling women. Trading people. Scores of high bidders lurking in the inter-shadows willing to pay a great deal for a human sex toy.

Companies worth billions paying less than livable wages to families who are having children with birth defects because they work on factories filled with chemicals for generations.. but they stay because they are also sick and cant go anywhere else. Then one day Daddy doesn’t come home.   He dies in a cotton field. He drank a bottle of pesticide.

Handing guns to small dicked men and letting them shoot majestic and beautiful animals. Handing guns to small boys and making them shoot other young boys.

Sex trafficking. Drug trafficking. Big tough men with bad ass cars and small brains selling mixed up shit to small kids. Somewhere up the food chain some dude is driving a pimped up car, paid for with lunch money of a dead kid who’s mother had no idea.

Someone give me a gun, I will kill all the greedy mother fuckers for free.

I look around at all the fucked up people who’s lives are all about what they are wearing and what celebrity is dating what celebrity – and who is driving what car and it makes me want to blow up the whole planet. Who gives a fuck what colour someone is? If someone is an ass hat – then he is an ass hat. White, black, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, whatever…

I have seen to many dogs tied up with barbed wire, bears torn up from trying to break free, elephants beaten because they don’t want to be pets…  and so many other animals almost catatonic because they have been beaten into submission.

Too many children learn violence because a fucktard of a grown up decides he needs more violent minions – and robs a beautiful child and his beautiful mind of the opportunity to be a kid and enjoy the joy of youth.

This world is thick and saturated with liars, thieves, perverts, con artists and abusive assholes. Greedy bastards who will suck the life out of anyone and some how mange to destroy the planet while they are at it.

It was a photo of a bear in a cage and an article about an Orangutang that tipped me today…

9 thoughts on “I Hate.

  1. Just finished (re) reading Chris DeRose’s “In Your Face: From Actor to Animal Activist”. The animal rights activist movement always needs people to help out, come join us 🙂 I’ve been everything to animal rescuer to kennel cleaner to investigating an animal auction to writing affidavits for a court case that helped shut down a cat hoarder.

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