She waged war with her own reflection, 

She ripped holes into the universe with words sharper than shrapnel.

And then she loved. It was her weakness. Her Achilles heal. 

Or it was. But now she sounds hard and brittle and unwavering. Ruthless in her efforts 

Not to blink.

Not to crack.

Not to love. 

Not to feel.

I applaud her, really. I can’t hurt her anymore, and hopefully no one else can either. 

Good girl. 

6 thoughts on “Burst.

  1. Hi beautiful, wonderful!!! I miss you and hope you are well and I’m happy to see your job hasn’t done you in yet 😉 I’ve been a little absent with editing…sending you a huge hug xx Paris

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    1. Hello beautiful!! I have also been missing in action! My cat died… which killed me. I loved that fur-ball. Work is crazy busy … So I have hardly had time to write. I miss you too. You well? I hope so! Thank you for checking in. You are lovely!!!! Xxx love – and lots of it!

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      1. I’m so sorry about your cat 😢 God if I lost my meme, a dog or toddler really, I’d be slayed! I can only imagine.. I am well ❤️ I’ll reach out via email and touch base with you
        Mwahhhh 💋

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