Madness vs Grammar

Thank you to those who follow me here. Poetry is a huge part of my ‘release’ when my brain feels like a 50 car pile up instead or a squealing train.

I know I could do both here, but I wanted to separate the madness, from the effort it takes to slow myself down to articulate into can even be called a poem

On the days I want the tone to be self indulgent and bleed out with ‘me me me’ and not care about grammar – and I don’t want those shades of red to mix with the mostly neatly colored in lines I have tried to keep here.

I have started another blog, Documenting Madness where those that don’t mind the chaos can follow, and those that want to stick to the tamer poetry end of things can hang about here.

When I figure out why I needed to separate the two I will be clearer, but for now – all I can say – is I just wanted to.




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