Coversation with a Care Taker # 7

His latest kick is to knock on my door, and not answer when I say ‘hello?’  Several times in a row. .. and then look startled when I look irritated.

This morning:

Knock knock.

Me: Hello??

I already know its him. But let the stupidity begin.

Knock knock.

Me: Hello??


I open the door. Crazy morning hair. More cleavage than he was expecting and a look of pure irritation. “YES??”

“Oh. I am terribly sorry.” He looks past me. “It’s very smokey in there.”

“I was cold. I started a fire in the bathtub.” I don’t smile. “Can I help you?”

“Oh, no. I was just passing by.”

“No. I live on the end of the row. You were being nosy.”

He looked nervous. “Uh, well, Mr Fisher said he heard voices–”

“– he should speak to a doctor about that…”


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