The (Un)Secret Childhood Dialogue Chronicles – Ninja.


S sat on her haunches, head tilted slightly, watching J sleep. It was more of a ‘willing J to wake up’, really, but so far had been choosing to do it silently. With patience not being one of her strongest suits, S took her index finger and jabbed J in the forehead.

J rolled over and carried on sleeping.

S stood and pondered for a moment. She could just as easily yell, or drag her best friend off the bed, but saw an opportunity for mischief and knew that wherever happened, J would still love her. Working against S though, was her ridiculously stupid concentration span. She wanted J awake NOW and concocting some quiet hair-brained plan to wake her up seemed like a maths problem that would take forever.

S leaned close to J’s face and ever so slowly grabbed a hold of one stray hair on J’s head and tugged. Completely not thinking through the fact that J would sit bolt upright and head-butt her, which is exactly what happened.

S grabbed her nose and squealed with laughter and with horror.

J leaped out of bed and posed somewhat like a ninja, “S! Something just bit me! In my hair! On my head! RIGHT HERE! WHILE I was asleep!” J squinted and examined her pillow closely, and then looked at S. “What happened to your face?”

“Your head.”


“You can calm your ninja. Nothing bit you. I pulled a hair out of your head to wake you up. It worked too well. You have lightning reflexes apparently and your ninja head slammed my nose.”

J swallowed hard. She tried so hard not to laugh. She bit her lip. She shifted on her feet. She closed one eye. She even made what looked like a duck face in an attempt not to laugh at her friend S’s very serious account of what has just happened. “Hmm. Is your ‘doze’ okay?”

J burst out laughing. S grinned. “You dow that means dext time I ab less polite about how I wake you up, yeah?”

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