Incoming, Oh YES!

I have the backbone for war, for blood soaked skin, hair soaked in red victory. Eyes bright green, manic with the dance of songs written before my time.

My stomach is knotted at the thought of what lies ahead. So many broken people, who will effectively have to lay their swords down and trust me. Trust in me to fill their hearts with hope, and their minds with plans for battle.

How to battle themselves, on bad days.

How to love themselves on bad days.

How not to bolt for the nearest door when someone tries to love them back.

I know a thing or two about love, and about staying standing. I also know a fair amount about waging war on the things that drag us down.

Opening this rehab will be the hardest thing I ever do.

But also, the most richly satisfying. I am gathering the people I love and I trust. My team.

My Guardians of the Galaxy if you will.


Yes, I am.

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