Come With Me Now

Dear Fellow Pirate,

In response to your beautiful poem, I write this letter while holding a telescope, I mean periscope (or whatever that looking thing is called), fighting off a big burly man who wanted to steal my compass, AND also, while growling instructions at my crew. I am pretty sure if I wanted to, I could decapitate someone too, and not have to stop to look.

Because, you see, I can multi task. Because, I am amazing. I am Lightening fast. Powerful and Glorious. Because, you see, there is no ‘effort’ required in steering us both in the right direction. But most of all because I know that if I called, you and your lovely legs would appear – most likely having just taught one of my pirates a thing or two about a thing or two.

You describe hanging on, like I mind. We have matching swords, and an ocean full of adventure.

This ship has your name on it, love. And its left the shore. So if you hang with me, on me, to me, or around me – I got you.

I will hand deliver this letter. With both hands.

Love you,

Captain Crooked Finger


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