About Me


Its simple really.

Unhinged. High functioning crazy person.

… who fortunately, is medicated. To the eyeballs.

I dont much like people. I do however like coffee, cigarettes and a good tune.



10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. more information would be pleasing
    of course I know you’re only teasing.
    I will hang about and take a look
    As I rest from screaming at my book.

    unravelling is done at it’s best
    when the world takes a rest.
    I unravel on a page or screen
    & often wonder if it was a dream.

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    1. I had it all down. My history… the ugly bits and the attempted explanations on why my craziness should be endearing – and found that narcissism and mental illness isnt any more acceptable because its prettified on the ‘About Me’ section of a blog. It will always be too heavy.

      But thank you for being interested enough to click, and to be curious – and even still to read more.

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      1. Hi.

        Your words, even the ones to explain yourself here.. they are so well structured. I feel better after reading what you write and I love that you make something beautiful out of something painful. Ended up here by accident, best thing that could happen really. It gave me a moment of release from my own baggage. I’m curious, do you listen to a band called “Sikth”? Some of your texts reminds me of the “spoken word” songs on their album “The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait for Something Wild”. Also, are you an Elliot Smith fan and how do you like he’s writing? And who inspires you? What writers, songwriters ect. do you like? I have a feeling you have great taste.

        Take care // Emil


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