About Me


Its simple really.

Unhinged. High functioning crazy person.

… who fortunately, is medicated. To the eyeballs.

I dont much like people. I do however like coffee, cigarettes and a good tune.


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. more information would be pleasing
    of course I know you’re only teasing.
    I will hang about and take a look
    As I rest from screaming at my book.

    unravelling is done at it’s best
    when the world takes a rest.
    I unravel on a page or screen
    & often wonder if it was a dream.

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    1. I had it all down. My history… the ugly bits and the attempted explanations on why my craziness should be endearing – and found that narcissism and mental illness isnt any more acceptable because its prettified on the ‘About Me’ section of a blog. It will always be too heavy.

      But thank you for being interested enough to click, and to be curious – and even still to read more.

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