She Bled Red Wine

I wrapped her, in red ribbon. I breathed against her skin, and heard her thoughts crashing against the inside of my skull, like bones clicking when stretched too far. She ached. Though I didn’t know why. Nor could I ask. Not yet. Her eyes changed colour with each mechanical snap of the lens. A flash … More She Bled Red Wine

Boxes Undone

In the aftermath of the tippled boxes come undone; ribbons untied, and words scraped from corners of a pale skinned mind, unrefined; do I say I am sorry? When I was just a girl, in dresses printed in sunshine and sewn together with trust, I learned that words mean very little. Unless, they cause an … More Boxes Undone

I’m Fine.

There are seconds, sometimes long hours, where my head feels heavy. Heavy with a weighted accumulation of thoughts. Some unimportant, and some important enough to be worth avoiding. But to turn my back on one, means to stare at another, and the pressure is not unlike that of a boiling kettle. Steam burns brand those … More I’m Fine.


I have no intention, of nurturing ambition for the skills required, to cultivate genuine ignorance. The vain arrogance, in that stance, is not one I could or would, or that anyone should subscribe to. To be so unaware of the pain that spills into the side streets and the alleyways, and onto the bar counters, … More #98.7

Funny How it Works.

So, because James and are busy moving, our house is in total chaos. One of the ladies that works for me got seriously over excited about how she packed up things and then sealed all the boxes with out labels. So things like toilet paper, sugar, the remote control…  all in  random boxes with other … More Funny How it Works.