I’m Fine.

There are seconds, sometimes long hours, where my head feels heavy. Heavy with a weighted accumulation of thoughts. Some unimportant, and some important enough to be worth avoiding. But to turn my back on one, means to stare at another, and the pressure is not unlike that of a boiling kettle. Steam burns brand those … More I’m Fine.


I have no intention, of nurturing ambition for the skills required, to cultivate genuine ignorance. The vain arrogance, in that stance, is not one I could or would, or that anyone should subscribe to. To be so unaware of the pain that spills into the side streets and the alleyways, and onto the bar counters, … More #98.7

I Wish..

I wish that mornings lasted as long as we wanted to stay in bed. I wish the sky lowered at night so that we could touch it. I wish that my dogs could speak. Not my cat though. He would demand food at 4am. I wish that everyone was the same height. Armpits aren’t cool … More I Wish..