Chasing Demons

It is more convoluted, than just a throbbing demand for blood. It is more labyrinthine than simply knowing that I will stand, bloody faced and victorious, heart pounding against my rib cage. A reminder that the trophy blood that drips from my hands, is not mine. It belongs to one of the demons that has … More Chasing Demons

I’m Fine.

There are seconds, sometimes long hours, where my head feels heavy. Heavy with a weighted accumulation of thoughts. Some unimportant, and some important enough to be worth avoiding. But to turn my back on one, means to stare at another, and the pressure is not unlike that of a boiling kettle. Steam burns brand those … More I’m Fine.

In My Corner

Fight. I will, if you will. I will take the punches, if you just call my name, from the sides of the ring that was built on the bones of the the children who fell before they got to grow up. Fight. I can make it, if you pour absinth on my knuckles. I will … More In My Corner