She Bled Red Wine

I wrapped her, in red ribbon. I breathed against her skin, and heard her thoughts crashing against the inside of my skull, like bones clicking when stretched too far. She ached. Though I didn’t know why. Nor could I ask. Not yet. Her eyes changed colour with each mechanical snap of the lens. A flash … More She Bled Red Wine

I Burn

I get confused. The jackets made from the skin of the underdog, worn with a dismissive self importance. I dont like the familiar, but I will forgive the stranger – until he starts to button up that swagger. Until the corners of his lips curl, at the expense of a poor man on his knees. … More I Burn


I wont lie..  as narcissistic as I am (and I admit it) I am a little overwhelmed at how many followers I have. Confused.. too – but grateful. When I hit 15 followers I was already thinking..  what the fuck is going on here? So… to all those that follow and read and give me … More Gratitude..