Hear us child, said the bears to the soul through the rotting leaves and the sage, The old soul withers, and leans on the wind and speaks of the moon and its age. She got lost, in the wooded maze; following omens and charms, whispers and promises, lies and magic, and hope- She could have … More Reminders

Move it, Sunshine.

On a hill where wars were once waged, sits a willow that weeps when it rains. It calls to the gods with each blow through the sky; earthed in the pasts remains. The faces and sounds and bloodied grounds; a twisted carnival of shame; hard to breathe even harder to believe that the sunshine isn’t … More Move it, Sunshine.


Blasé, you are, over the puncture wound you left behind, just above the heart, just off center. Your surprise at my inertia. The delay in emotion. The bending of heat waves. In knee jerk anger. Smug to think that because you were the architect of my mausoleum, that somehow you could offer me your veins … More Refraction