When a Mother Does

When a Mother Does.. When a mother falls to her knees, to beg, and to pray; to crawl and to get out of the way. When a mother covers her face, and her swollen skin, to hide the burst blood vessels and her fragility within; there is no vanity there- it’s to protect her tiny … More When a Mother Does


Have you ever listened to a song which brought a cluster of memories back in a way that leaves you feeling like you have been hit by a car. The emotions are too hard and too fast to be able to breathe in between each line that blasts through you? We keep in touch…   the … More Her.


Sore heart. Unsaid words. Surreal and ambiguous. Direct and illogical. Egg shells. In case… I hurt a gentle soul. A kind Soul. I am not good at silence when sirens sound in my chest. I am good at over thinking While the ship is sinking. While It fills up with water. There is still silence … More Unsaid

Love is Just a Word

Ask me what Love is, and I will tell you: Love is just a word. An overused, meaningless word. Unless, It is held together, with the glue that is actions. Demonstration. Trust, that your name is safe. Your character is safe. Your deepest shared words are kept and not shared. Love is wanting someone else … More Love is Just a Word

Lay Me Down

As you lay me down to weep, I pray my soul you can not keep. There is a light out in the night That only fire dragons keep alight. As you hold my broken mind, My labyrinth darkness you will find, Don’t forget to shut the door, If you leave it ajar there will be … More Lay Me Down