She Bled Red Wine

I wrapped her, in red ribbon. I breathed against her skin, and heard her thoughts crashing against the inside of my skull, like bones clicking when stretched too far. She ached. Though I didn’t know why. Nor could I ask. Not yet. Her eyes changed colour with each mechanical snap of the lens. A flash … More She Bled Red Wine

Only Fitting

Thank you for my gift, J. It’s beautiful. Beautifully appropriate and I love you, most. I opened my post box this morning expecting an electricity bill, and because we had bantered about the whole zip code thing I recognised the envelope right away. The caretaker looked at me like I was a nutcase when I … More Only Fitting

Q and A

So, my J and I were talking and although we have been friends for some time now and we know a great deal about each other and can safely say we are very familiar with the skeleton’s that lurk in each others closets. On first name high five terms with the demons that hold the … More Q and A

The Unsecret Dialogue Chronicles of S and J: Old Photos. Page Two

Page One. Page 2. J was most pissed at me for getting us arrested. Our fake names turned out to belong to people who actually frequented the underground poker den / brothel that we were attempting to have a good time in. It was quite frankly, a waste of wigs, a waste of make up, … More The Unsecret Dialogue Chronicles of S and J: Old Photos. Page Two