Dreaming of Hell

Tonight, I am afraid to sleep; for fear I will sink too deep. Past the mangled red trees, where reason can’t reach, and into that place where the lost ones weep. Wail. Mourn out loud of wisdom stolen in foolish folly or worse; a second of disconnected dispassion. Hell. The carcass that still lives. The … More Dreaming of Hell

Dream Lover

Originally posted on S. K. Nicholas:
? Wrapped in blankets marked with cigarette burns, she crawls deformed at the foot of the bed as my hand slides up her laced skirt. Raining hard as my body lacks the energy to do anything but recover, in a field of lepers and dogs and cunts, the nature…

Come With Me Now

Dear Fellow Pirate, In response to your beautiful poem, I write this letter while holding a telescope, I mean periscope (or whatever that looking thing is called), fighting off a big burly man who wanted to steal my compass, AND also, while growling instructions at my crew. I am pretty sure if I wanted to, … More Come With Me Now

Crooked Finger.

Originally posted on Americana Injustica:
I know you’ve made the effort, to fish me out and throw me aloft, you’ve been on belay for a decade, awaiting the tension on my end to let off, you typically would never bother with, hand-holding of the incompetent, you have no patience or tolerance, with things that lean…


It doesn’t rain, it pours. I live in Amanzimtoti, and although my little home flooded and there was a break in attempt while it was all going on – I feel blessed that I was not one of the many not so fortunate who don’t have more secure four walled homes, or somewhere to call … More Blessed