Come With Me Now

Dear Fellow Pirate, In response to your beautiful poem, I write this letter while holding a telescope, I mean periscope (or whatever that looking thing is called), fighting off a big burly man who wanted to steal my compass, AND also, while growling instructions at my crew. I am pretty sure if I wanted to, … More Come With Me Now


Her head was bowed, in prayer, I guessed. When the lightning struck her frame. Her arms fell limp, and her eyes widened, and the day stood still. Like a Polaroid. We were Printed. Linked. Synced. Irreversibly intertwined, in a splash of broken fragments that could, nor should ever be undone. We share hues, of blues, … More Lightning.


Stay close to the walls, -that way you won’t fall. It’s all coming down; crumbling to the ground. The stars falling from their pockets, photographs dying in their lockets, all because we looked down. Oft black earth is sacred and hidden, Sunshine doesn’t go where it is forbidden- But fallen stars land where they will, … More Reminder.