Humidity clung to her skin, warm and sticky. Her clammy hands in her lap, knotted with anxiety. Thin strands of hair stuck to her brow. Like cracks in her face. Fine wounds in an otherwise perfect porcelain complexion. Why are you so afraid? She mouthed quietly to herself, wiping the sweat from her forehead with … More Rejection

Only Joking

Close the door, please. Open the window please. Stand, in the shadow of the sun. Smile. Make eye contact with the devil’s souls. The ones that leave trails. Fingerprints. Scents. Dance. Mingle. Laugh. Breathe. Mouth the words to myself: Stay calm. Have a drink. Sink; into the temporary release that comes from the gift of … More Only Joking


I have ligature marks on my ankles, from the rope that I use every day. I fasten the weights of observed pain and of of expected guilt, of spoken sorrow, and of your mournful shame to my dulled and tired body, and I climb into the water again. I don’t want to drown. I don’t … More Manotonous

You Can’t be Gay

Immaculate deception, Intricate perfection, like crisp white sheets, ironed with experience, and flattened out with knowing hands. To hide the sin-stained and very, very ugly used and frayed mattress beneath. The whores, cleaner than the floors. The john, in the corner praying- for forgiveness. He doesn’t know yet, what for; All he knows is he … More You Can’t be Gay


… after she died I breathed in the sorrow of everyone else. It was so thick and so heavy. I didn’t bend. I didn’t lean. Or need from anyone. I let it all unfold, and I let them all grieve in the way they they needed to. Then, someone showed me the video of her … More Gone.

You Left Me Here.

When the sound of sirens become as real as the yellowing bruises that stained your skin like cigarettes. When I begged you to stay; Please don’t go. But you left yesterday. And again today. Your time here is as unpredictable as the discolouration on the face of a battered woman. I missed you before, then. … More You Left Me Here.

For Shaida

If I could pull the night stars down, like wallpaper. Peel it off in strips and roll it up like gift wrap, I would, and I would store it in a drawer. Tuck it away, and hold on to all those stars. Keep them. Save them. For a day like this. For a day like … More For Shaida