Just Sad.

Intellectually – it’s easy to acknowledge that there are so many different types of people in this world, and that those different types are necessary to make it all work – all go around – all turn, so to speak. It takes the hard asses, and the soft gentle types to make the different things … More Just Sad.

I Hate.

I hate people. I really fucken hate them. If there is money to be made, it will be made. Even if it means children, women, poverty stricken families are bled that little bit extra. It will happen. Even if it means wiping out entire habitats and destroying animals. Force feeding animals. Not feeding them. …   … More I Hate.

Circus Bait

Tumbling down, fear wrapped in shrapnel, thick with a feeling of permanence. Sequined clowns point and mock in nightmares older than the circus, or any freak to take the stage. Lights sway, lingering just long enough on the twisted faces of sticky fingered children. Dolls, eating popcorn, mechanic jaws, and jerky hunger. Out of time. … More Circus Bait


My boy. I love this cat. He saved my life after I saved his… I took him in because my blue eyed brother begged me to – not because I even liked warm blooded things. I had a Boa Constrictor who I was rather attached to, who thanks to Marley having staring contests with it … More Marley