What Colour?

Paint me a picture of my blistering shame. What colours would you choose to show the pain? Would your hand be steady and heavy and meticulously planned, or would you just tip and pour and not even use your hands? Paint me a picture of the torture in anguish I feel. What colours would you … More What Colour?

Let Go, Please.

Escape from me, I beg. You’re skulking about like swine in my late noon shadows. Let go of my coat, and give me the silence I have longed for from the moment I first heard your voice. I am so tired, of being the strongest. Underneath the electric facade, that you think gives you life, … More Let Go, Please.


Please, don’t speak. You don’t lie well, ’tis truth I seek. You have none. Not even in small change. Allow me to horizonalize your perpendicularity – iron out the arrogance that you fail to hide. Pride that you wear with a crooked smile. Take one last gaze into your gold framed reflection. I am going … More Dismantle.

Don’t Fall

Look at me, in a way that makes me feel like you have ripped out my secrets and stored the bloody pieces in your pockets, proudly and with the intention of making them yours too. Touch me, in a way that makes me lean in, with out thinking. That makes me inhale you, like a … More Don’t Fall


A Paradox. A self-contradictory and false proposition. Of sorts, a lie, unintended. People parade the idea; of love, and then of independence of the mind. I find, these two can not coexist. I love you, but will you become what I want in a lover? Will you sign the dotted line, and enter into this … More Paradox


I am not afraid of the dark. The most intimate of pains have tortured my mind, have been in the murky corners where no winged creature would ever stoop to go. There was no rescue attempt. No intervention, for my soul. Just the slow and sure adjustment. Branded and left behind, and the sound of … More Dark