Crazy Talk

There are days, like today – where I run through that phrase ‘People who are really crazy don’t know they are crazy’ in my mind, and I think of all the times I have been called mad, or that I have wondered if I am. It is a serious ‘point’ of thought for me because … More Crazy Talk


Star gazer Bully hazer Spirit talker Coal walker Soul of black Sold on crack Bright red bleeder Wound healer Barely out-running Those are are gunning for this life. Of mine. Demons glowing Behind eyes, knowing how to rig the game of truth vs pain. Bending time Falling in line with the bellows of the fallen … More Break

Broken Glass

You phoned me, often. Your young voice needing me to direct you, guide you and tell you that — everything will be okay. I considered you among the few in the circle that I would trust with my own darkest and broken pieces. Now, I am left wondering when the lies started? When we met? … More Broken Glass

Genetic Malfunction

There are people in my world who love and adore me regardless of my crazy that I don’t always keep tucked in. I love them and am grateful for them. But there are occasions where I see the facial expression on the person I am interacting with (loved one or stranger) where they fail to … More Genetic Malfunction

No. 091

You lit my cigarette mechanically, and with a jilted and wilted face. You rubbed your eye and looked at me with the other almost like assessing the space – between us. I always knew you were the same as those before you but I had hoped for most gumption. I gave a little, lost a … More No. 091


Struggling, to make sense of what I feel, I refuse to kneel. at the mercy of opinion. Lithium sponge like dragging, through nights. Sleepless. Dreamless. Needless. I am bored of the single chord that strums over and over and over in my tired mind. Leave me behind, and let me rest, in this nest of … More Halleluja