You Thought…

You thought you would break me, amend me, and be needed by me. You thought I would beg. Mumble up offerings of adoration with shaking hands. I thought I would die, on your floor. I could not breathe in anymore. I thought you would show mercy, or some semblance of kindness. Or at least remorse. … More You Thought…

Let Go, Please.

Escape from me, I beg. You’re skulking about like swine in my late noon shadows. Let go of my coat, and give me the silence I have longed for from the moment I first heard your voice. I am so tired, of being the strongest. Underneath the electric facade, that you think gives you life, … More Let Go, Please.

Held Hostage

You hold the messenger of death hostage, close to your chest, against your pale skin. When there is a knock at the door, you’ve the leverage to stop him coming in.

Don’t Fall

Look at me, in a way that makes me feel like you have ripped out my secrets and stored the bloody pieces in your pockets, proudly and with the intention of making them yours too. Touch me, in a way that makes me lean in, with out thinking. That makes me inhale you, like a … More Don’t Fall


I am not afraid of the dark. The most intimate of pains have tortured my mind, have been in the murky corners where no winged creature would ever stoop to go. There was no rescue attempt. No intervention, for my soul. Just the slow and sure adjustment. Branded and left behind, and the sound of … More Dark

Just a Thought

If wishing on stars made any sense, and there was any truth to it. I would wish with all my twisted words to have been born in an era, like Viking times, where all that was required of me was to have a rocking hair do, have sex daily, and the bonus:- If you don’t … More Just a Thought

Envy Not

Do not be so quick to envy my sharp tongue and my fearless hands. Destroying the smile of another with intent, is my own crippling band; that chokes me. Bruises me. Not because of guilt, and not because of shame. But because it leaves me bitter and abandoned in the hollows of my veins. Destruction … More Envy Not